16 May: Tomi Trader daily EA update

By | May 16, 2018

Existing Trades– Current bias:


Short EurGbp

Short Gold

The Tomitrader EA has worked well on 15/16 May, with our short Gold and short EurGbp strategies both making some decent returns. Gold in particular traded well, and we were able to sell into the early week strength to 1320 and then add to the position on every $5 drop down overnight to 1290. The EA has now placed a trailing stop on 4 of the current 6 open positions at 1293, which will lock in a good profit.
EurGbp also dropped by 40 pips and although we are still slightly underwater overall, we did manage to sell into the strength up to 0.8820 and various positions netted profits on the way back down. We currently have 5 legs open here.
Our long US$Chf strategy has worked well but last night with the pair trading sideways there was no new action

The EA is available on: