Winner of Central Bank that has KAHUNAS – The Bank of Canada !

In the face of Central Banks globally going from a hawkish shift to be back running scared  into their dovish boxes one Central Bank has stood out from this and is doing what they all should be – raising rates – and that’s the Bank of Canada! The BOC hiked rates 25bps to 1% . The bank cited… Read More »

Sept 6th – Risk looks ready to roll over

Equity markets have been in a bull market and no matter what has been thrown at them they have managed to always bounce back and survive any meaningful sell off. That does look like its about to change. Technically the Dow looks like a big double top is nearing completion and the neckline under attack. The neckline coincides… Read More »

4th Sept – North Korea – Here we go again ! EUR/YEN trade idea.

The big news over the weekend was the nuclear test by North Korea.  Have they crossed the red line this time? Saying they have isnt enough. The market doesnt care about sanctions and headlines about keeping all options open. It has been burnt too many times selling risk on this. So the risk off open to this mornings… Read More »

Aug 30th – The Empire Strikes Back – Classic USD Bear Trap

Overnight the Force Awakened ! The market was watching the DXY index very closely for some time. The multi year low at 91.90 was the level being watched. Technically below here support gaps away and would be very bearish for the USD. Yesterday we got that break and initially it was followed by a fresh wave of USD… Read More »

29th Aug – Aussie Wrong Price – SELL

Aussie has some serious headwinds ! North Korean tensions escalating are just getting risk off trading started. Critical levels in risk are still being respected … but for how long? The 100 DMA in S+P sits at 2423 the exact low this morning. A break here will start the next wave of risk off. USDYEN’s low for the… Read More »

Aug 29th – Kim sends a message in a missile and US eerily quiet !

Kim Jong Un sent a ballistic missile over Japanese airpsace first thing this morning escalating North Korean tensions. Its a violation of Japanese sovereignty and a serious offense ! His message cant be clearer… that he cant be ignored ! The US has been eerily quiet with the new developments. Is the time for talking and headlines over?… Read More »

25th Aug – USDYEN Potential Triple Bottom – Get long

The hardest trades to take are generally the most profitable. Long USDYEN has not been an easy trade the past month with everything that could go wrong… did ! The biggest factor has been the drop in US treasury yields. USDYEN is the most sensitive currency pair in the majors to US yields and US 10yr yields dropping… Read More »