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23 Mar: Forecast: FX: US$/Majors

  EURUSD: 1.0797 EurUsd has had a choppy session either side of 1.0800 (1.0775/1.0824), but contained below the 2nd Feb high of 1.0829, leaving the outlook unchanged. A similar session ahead would not really surprise given the current, slightly negative look of the short term momentum indicators. The dailies look positive though, and a break of 1.0830 could… Read More »

16 Mar: US$ spikes lower, stocks/commodities higher, after a dovish interpretation of the Fed outlook

  Stocks are higher, while the dollar has spiked sharply lower on the dovish interpretation by the market of the Fed’s outlook for the remainder of the year, after having raised rates by 25bp at today’s meeting. The disappointment comes from effectively no upward revision in the projected rate path from the previous readings. The median projection of… Read More »

15 Feb: Hawkish Janet Yellen underpins stocks, US$. Yellen part 2, US inflation and Retail Sales today’s focus.

Stocks have traded at new all time highs while the dollar is stronger on Tuesday after Janet Yellen indicated, in her hawkish testimony to Congress that the Fed will likely need to raise rates at the March or June FOMC meeting, although she conceded considerable uncertainty over economic policy under the Trump administration. She added that it would… Read More »